At, we produce serious wall art in the structure of the periodic table. The familiar periodic table structure is leveraged to organize a variety of collections into "intelligent art for the creative thinker." The art form is meant to educate and amuse scientists, students, and educators.

These posters make very attractive and entertaining art pieces, with visual and verbal puns for the curious viewer, as well as subtle jokes for the specialist/enthusiast. has a large selection of categories and collections from which to choose.

Available themes include:
Alchemical Symbols
Amusing Molecules
Michigan Lighthouses
Peace Symbols
Poisonous Snakes
Political People

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Periodic Table of Herbs and Spices
22" x 28"

A spice shop contains a very pleasant world of shapes, textures and aromas. The author enjoyed compiling a list of the many herbs and spices available, and then matching one of 111 chemical symbols to some aspect of a spice’s name. The images and information were gleaned from the Internet, and the resulting collage provides a snapshot of a spice shop in its natural state. There are verbal and visual puns, and a few inside jokes.

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